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Kayaking Near Our Sequim Cottages

Kayaking Near our Waterfront Cottages in SequimBeautiful Sequim, Washington is the perfect destination for kayaking. The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is home to many wild birds and animals, including several protected species. If you are a nature enthusiast and enjoy kayaking in the great outdoors, then Dungeness Bay Cottages is the ideal place to lodge. Book your next adventure today.

Kayaking Destinations

Whatever it is you’re looking for, there are several wonderful locations for kayaking nearby. Here are  few of the most popular places to launch your boat and explore Sequim’s stunning waterfront:

  • Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is readily accessible via kayak. Paddle out from the beachfront cottages into the serene waters of the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge has been a protected wildlife sanctuary for over 100 years. Some locations of the refuge are not accessible to the public; other areas are accessible seasonally or by reservation only. Many areas of the sanctuary are accessible by foot or kayak. This map can help you navigate the wildlife refuge.
  • Kayaking at the Dungeness Bay Wildlife Refuge in SequimCline Spit is located less than a mile from the Sequim cottages. Cline spit is a two-acre park with a small beach and a boat ramp. Cline Spit is a good place for windsurfing, boating, and fishing. Launch your kayak from Cline Spit and explore the peaceful Dungeness Bay.
  • Dungeness Landing is a beautiful park on the bay, located just 6 miles from Sequim. Dungeness landing has a boat ramp, restroom, and a great view of the Dungeness Lighthouse and bay.
  • Port Williams is small in size but has a lot to offer including a boat launch, a picturesque view of the bay, parking, and a public beach.
  • Sequim Bay State Park is a gorgeous State Park that boasts plenty of amenities including boating, restroom facilities, trails, picnic areas, docks, and more. Sequim Bay State Park is located nearby and is an excellent location to immerse yourself in nature, float on the bay in your kayak, and truly experience the great outdoors.

Sequim is a delightful place to kayak and experience all that nature has to offer. You’ll need to bring your kayak. Whether you decide to launch your kayak directly from the beachfront of Dungeness Bay Cottages into the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, or you enter the waters from one of the other excellent nearby locations; you are sure to be delighted by the abundance of wildlife and numerous bird species including the Bald Eagle. Reserve your stay at the Dungeness Bay Cottages in Sequim, Washington today.

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