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All You Need to Know About the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

The Dungeness Spit Lighthouse and Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge are lovely places to visit

If you’re visiting Sequim, Washington, make sure to check out the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse. This natural sand spit, located within the National Wildlife Refuge, is a sanctuary for wildlife and birds. Stretching into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, it offers miles of sandy beaches to explore, opportunities to spot shorebirds and a serene spot to sit and watch the waves crash onto shore. A visit to this one-of-a-kind landform is sure to be a memorable highlight of your trip.

There’s something magical and unique about the beaches in Washington. Often a mix of sand and stones, these shores are perfect for long strolls, treasure hunting, sand castles, bonfires, and picnics. Hiking out to the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse takes a little bit of planning, as it’s five miles out and needs to happen at low tide. Keep reading to find out our best tips and tricks! Also, be sure to respect the environment at the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, leave no trace, and stay in the allowed areas.

After a day of hiking and exploration of the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse and wildlife refuge, come back to your very own cozy and beautifully appointed waterfront cabin. Our collection of cabins has a private beach that overlooks Dungeness Bay and the surrounding mountains of the Olympic Peninsula. Soak in the serenity and the summer sun and let your cares melt away at our Sequim lodging property. If you are ready for the perfect waterfront escape this summer, book your stay today!

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse and Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge are lovely places to visit

Head to the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse & Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Experience the nation’s longest natural sand spit—the Dungeness Spit—which stretches for 5.5 miles and offers a ton of recreational activities for all ages. From hiking to birdwatching, beachcombing to picnicking, there’s something for everyone in this unique ecosystem. Don’t miss out on the fun this summer!

Here are the best things to do at the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse & the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge:

  1. The Dungeness Spit is a vital component of the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, providing a sanctuary for approximately 250 bird species. Birding enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to observe waterfowl, shorebirds, seabirds, and birds of prey in this important habitat. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars to fully appreciate the diverse avian population.
  2. Experience a great workout and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Olympic Peninsula by hiking down the Dungeness Spit. Traverse through the sandy terrain of the spit, which covers most of the trail, on the 5.5-mile one-way hike or opt for a leisurely stroll down the beach. Regardless of your pace, the stunning scenery will not disappoint. You’ll need to check the tide tables before you head out!
  3. Embark on the full 5.5-mile beach journey and be rewarded with a mesmerizing sight of the New Dungeness Spit Lighthouse at the end. Volunteer keepers await to guide you through the museum and tower, providing a captivating insight into the history of the area and the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge and experience an unforgettable adventure.
  4. The Dungeness Spit boasts breathtaking sunsets thanks to its abundant sunshine. The vibrant hues of the diverse ecosystems and habitats make it a photographer’s paradise. Make sure to bring your camera, as photography is a beloved hobby among both tourists and residents.
  5. Take a moment to glance down at the beach and discover hidden treasures from the ocean. Beachcombing on Dungeness Spit offers a peaceful and immersive experience with polished rocks, shells, and even crabs scurrying under rocks. Enjoy the serene scenery and tranquil atmosphere.
  6. The Dungeness Spit is a haven for both marine and land mammals, in addition to its abundance of birds. Keep an eye out for harbor seals frolicking near the shore, and don’t be surprised if you spot orca whales or northern elephant seals either swimming or sunbathing on the beach. As you make your way through the forest, you’ll hear the cheerful chirping of Douglas Squirrels and may even catch a glimpse of one of the many black-tailed deer that roam among the trees and the beach.

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse / Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge are near our waterfront lodging in Sequim

The Best Sequim Lodging on the Olympic Peninsula

After a long day hiking out to the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse or just exploring the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, our six waterfront cabins in Sequim is an oasis of calm on the Olympic Penisula. You’ll first notice the astounding views from the picture windows and our sweeping lawns. You’ll have mountain vistas at your back and water stretching as far as the eye can see in the front.

The Olympic Peninsula Suite (pictured above) even offers views of the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse. Enjoy the cozy king-size bed, lavender scent in the air, and every amenity needed for a relaxing stay. Enjoy cooking in the full kitchen and eat in serenity in front of the large window as you watch the eagles fly by or the breathtaking water view as the sun sets—you may never want to leave this perfect waterfront treasure.

For those who may be looking for larger Sequim lodging options, we also have a long list of stand-alone rentals for family gatherings or group getaways. From a castle surrounded by lavender or a rustic treehouse in the woods, we have a fantastic of unforgettable properties for your trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Start planning and make a reservation today!

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