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Great Birdwatching on the Olympic Peninsula
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Fall Birdwatching on the Olympic Peninsula

Great Birdwatching on the Olympic PeninsulaThe Sequim Dungeness Valley is a veritable birdwatching paradise, especially during the upcoming fall months.  Sequim is actually home to two of Washington’s important bird areas. It offers an exceptional bird habitat for a range of birds, from the alpine peaks and subalpine forests to the shoreline habitats of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Sequim’s coastal habitats provide extensive sandflats and mudflats, large eelgrass beds, sand and cobble beaches, and small, protected islands. Inland, birds enjoy relatively dry and temperate weather, and plenty of oak woodlands, prairies, and madrona forests. Stay at the Dungeness Bay Cottages this fall, and embark upon a fascinating birdwatching adventure around Sequim.

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Kayaking Near our Waterfront Cottages in Sequim
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Kayaking Near Our Sequim Cottages

Kayaking Near our Waterfront Cottages in SequimBeautiful Sequim, Washington is the perfect destination for kayaking. The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is home to many wild birds and animals, including several protected species. If you are a nature enthusiast and enjoy kayaking in the great outdoors, then Dungeness Bay Cottages is the ideal place to lodge. Book your next adventure today.

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Kayaking in Sequim

Kayaking Near SequimIf you haven’t yet had a chance to dip your toes in the water, and feel the gentle glide of a kayak beneath you, it’s time you do. Kayaking is the perfect way to get up close and personal to the incomparable beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, but it’s an incredibly relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Though we can and often do kayak throughout the year, there’s something special about soaking up those summertime rays from the water. With our own private beach from which to launch your boats, there’s really no excuse not to go. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Book your room at our oceanfront cottages today.

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