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Birding at our Waterfront Cottages in Sequim
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Birding at the Dungeness National Wildlife refuge

Birding at our Waterfront Cottages in SequimWhile it’s still pretty cold in Sequim, and many of us are in shock after the most recent (and unusual) snowstorm, there are still signs that Spring isn’t too far away–and that has us really excited!  You’ll find that the weather is, generally speaking, much more mild in Sequim than the rest of the Northwest, and that makes spring truly beautiful here.  It’s easier for us to get outside and enjoy those activities most people only think about during a few months out of the year. Spring is the perfect time to come stay at our waterfront cottages, where you’ll be well situated to enjoy the best of Sequim. Imagine waking up to the gentle lull of the waves, and the cheerful chirping of birds on the water. Head to the nearby Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, where you can enjoy a restful day of birding or beachcombing. In early April, join us for the Olympic Birdfest; two incredible days of birding on the Washington Coast, and the perfect opportunity to dust off those binoculars. Book your room at the Dungeness Bay Cottages in Sequim today.

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